(miss scarlett photographed on kodak portra 160 / hasselblad)

the return of warm sunfilled days are just out of our reach.  i'm craving the sultry days of summer.

lost, wandering barefoot on pine in the tranquil forest.  looking for light.  looking for life.  

oh summer, where art thou?

i want your love


dan & mark.  december 2012.  florida 

true love.  the real kind.  the respect they have for each other is palpable. 

i wish for everyone to find and hold onto this kind of love.  the kind mark & dan have cultivated.

i love them too and feel blessed to have them in my life.

minolta x700 / kodak portra 160

. . . . . . . . 

when I came to this world  /  I arrived in a car

I was a boy  /  I was a girl

pyramid glass  /  scraping the sky

see our reflection  /  cast no reflection

I want your love


on being adventurous

with each passing year i shed more of my fears.  fear about what people think of me, what i should be doing, how i look, what i spend time on, etc...  there are so many.  we all have them.  some of us are very good at confronting and overcoming.  and some of us feel paralyzed.

somehow... age, time on earth, experience, trial & error, falling down again and again, and getting back up again... has given me more confidence to take risks, to follow my gut, to do what feels right.

and i couldn't be more engaged and inspired in those times.  because what usually follows when we face our fears and go for it... is reward.  

Timon & Thorben, the handsome boys/brothers pictured here, were a gift to me on a day that i chose to take a risk.  I can't thank their parents enough for being so kind and welcoming.  As a gift for their generosity... I captured their most prized gift... their boys.  

To help them remember how beautiful their life is.

Take a risk today.  xo