( the archives: 1976 )

(my mum & dad)

(my mum & i in the driveway of grandma & grandpa wood's house)

(me in my crib... the resemblance with my own son is uncanny)


(me & my dad... yep, daddy's little girl for life)


what is a photograph?  

it's something you can feel.  deeply.  in the middle of your chest.

a photograph is a reminder.  a reminder of someone, of something, in the past...  almost guaranteed to have shifted or changed or departed.

it is an answer, an insight, a story.

i look at my parents, embracing, laughing from that honest, pure and real place inside themselves (you can almost hear it).   in the sunshine, in the country... with someone holding a camera.  a collaboration.  

who we don't see is part of this story.  the author.  the camera operator.  the friend.

as photographers we hold a key, we open a door, we invite.  

when you look back, all you see is the beauty.  how gorgeous you were, how young.  how happy and in love.

what a gift is the photograph.