at dusk with teddy

snuggles... before sleep wraps itself around you and takes you to dreamland.  possibly my favourite time of day with this delicious boy.  on sunday scarlett turns 8.  where has all of that time gone? savouring what i can while i can before they leave the nest.  so many beautiful stories to share with you... part two from erin & jonathan's wedding first... and then so many more delicious things i've been working on.  coming up... next week.

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i want your love


dan & mark.  december 2012.  florida 

true love.  the real kind.  the respect they have for each other is palpable. 

i wish for everyone to find and hold onto this kind of love.  the kind mark & dan have cultivated.

i love them too and feel blessed to have them in my life.

minolta x700 / kodak portra 160

. . . . . . . . 

when I came to this world  /  I arrived in a car

I was a boy  /  I was a girl

pyramid glass  /  scraping the sky

see our reflection  /  cast no reflection

I want your love


( friday i'm in love: summer )

summer is here!

i hope your weekend is full of jumping / swimming / laughing / hot hot heat.

the hot months are for wearing as little as possible, and finding just the right outfit for heat survival.

i LOVE the beautiful children's store Advice From a Caterpillar in summerhill.

the entire store is like a dream / fantasy / fairytale of awesome.

one of my favourite outfits my daughter has ever worn is the one pictured above by Nico Nico and purchased at Advice From a Caterpillar.   i mean, just look at how happy she is?!

if you are looking for just the right pieces for your child's summer wardrobe...

you have to see it in person... 8 price street, toronto!