bathtime outdoors

this sweet little guy is my son emerson.  last summer we kept with tradition and gave emmie a bath on the cottage deck... in the little green basin all the grandchildren in the wood family have used over the years.

(in the very last frame you see emmie looking at a photo of his big sister in the tub when she was little)

the images are double exposures on kodak portra film shot on my uncles old minolta x700.  the images that bleed through are from my dad's property in guelph... where i grew up.



(miss scarlett photographed on kodak portra 160 / hasselblad)

the return of warm sunfilled days are just out of our reach.  i'm craving the sultry days of summer.

lost, wandering barefoot on pine in the tranquil forest.  looking for light.  looking for life.  

oh summer, where art thou?