( wedding: leah & matto)

we built this city.  we built a place for love and community.  down in the valley amongst red winged blackbirds, fox, rabbit, lily pads... we now wed. 

the brickworks has grown ever more wild, brimming with hope and promise.

i can't imagine a more meaningful place to tie a knot, to hold the hand of the one who compliments you, reflects for you, sees you for the beautiful person you are and who you continue to become year after passing year.

leah & matto are a generous gift to each other and to all of us.  they share a passion for the soil under our feet and the air we breath into our lungs... and they will actively champion for a rich, prosperous planet earth... for you, for us, for the children yet to be born.  

i thank them for caring so deeply, for creating a wedding celebration made with hands and hearts. the groomsmen made their own boutonnieres, the bouquets too, made at home, the pear butter made in boston while completing PHD's in environmental policy, hand written note cards given to guests as an invitation to open hearts and minds, to move through the gathering making new friends... hearts opening.

soma chocolate, the stop food community food centre, ontario wines, upcycled, recycled, borrowed... beautiful.

cocktails with tequila / lime / grapefruit / vanilla / tarragon + cucumber / lime / mint / pink peppercorns / gin / tonic.

family style dining.  dancing.  joy.

( portrait: max )

rarely am i without words ;)  but the gentle kiss, inhale of baby's scent, caress... between a mother & her child does leave me speechless.  the tenderness between two human beings is never more powerful or honest then a parent & their child.  if we could extend a fraction of that to our fellow neighbour, the person driving the car infront of us, the cashier, every single person who crosses our path...  how much more pleasant and happy our days would be.  i pledge to stay soft, to try tenderness first.  join me?