music & art at the schoolhouse

the invitation.  the starting point.  the message.  designed for the couple by Lauren Wickware , the paired down black & white invitation is one of my favourites to date and includes a mix of the couples favourite love songs! 

* the couple travels often and over the years have collected a stunning array of salt & pepper shakers.  i loved how Sarah & Ken placed a great selection of these unique, varied and clever sets of shakers at each table.

About the couple... Kenneth, a dentist and director of Wedge Curatorial Projects, and Sarah, a museum consultant, met through their love of art.

In Sarah’s words:  “We first met at the Burroughs building on Queen Street – it was the last day of the Wedge Curatorial Projects' 2007 retrospective catalogue launch. I happened to stop by with a friend to see the exhibition, and ended up chatting with Kenneth and asking if I could work with Wedge. We then worked together coordinating exhibitions and managing the art project until about a year and a half later, when we realized that spending time together wasn’t work at all.”

“There were a lot of funny and unexpected things that happened that day – being surprised by my dad who drove me to the Schoolhouse in a family friend’s yellow Porsche; totally forgetting about our wedding cake and walking down Queen Street in my wedding dress to pick it up from Dufflet minutes before they closed. I think I was most surprised by how much fun we had. Everyone warned us that the day would go by in a blur, but we really stayed in the moment and enjoyed every bit. I was also surprised by the fact that – despite having 150 friends witness our vows – it really felt like it was just Kenneth and I.”

Venue: Enoch Turner Schoolhouse
Dress: Carmen Marc Valvo, from Neiman Marcus
Shoes: Celebration Shoes
Accessories: Bride’s mother
Ken’s suit: Marlon Durrant 
Hair: Ronnie Dag
Bridesmaids dresses: various
Stationery: Lauren Wickware
Flowers: Sage Designs
Catering: Herrera’s