to prepare for you my love

i rise in the early morning light with butterflies in my stomach, my heart swelling, my breath short.  a performance before me, the beginning but hardly the first chapter.  for we've been together for some days now my love.  the scent of your skin against mine, the taste of your kiss, the salty lips on mine, your heartbeat... i know thee well, yet today i prepare to meet you in front of an audience, the dearest of our hearts together with us.  i do.  until night falls and the sun rises and the world turns endlessly, i love you.  and i will take your hand in mine and place a golden ring on your finger and take you as my love until death do us part, until the sea takes us into her arms to the stars.  i am yours.

( moondance )

the heartfelt/joyous wedding of jennifer & adrian was celebrated in muskoka this spring.  friends and family came from all over the map to share in the sacred vows taken that beautiful may afternoon in the blazing sun on the dock.  one frame today... many more soon.  

adrian loves the moon.  he loves jennifer the most. 

( friday i'm in love: BHLDN )

once upon a time, two weeks ago, i flew porter to the windy city to visit with my dear friends kiri & brett.  on our last day together, my friends flew to nyc for a shoot with the amazing vsco... and so i had one day all to myself.  Naturally, i found my way to BHLDN.  

"Inspired by the Dutch word for “to keep,” as well as countless tales from family and friends of the extraordinary weddings they’d been part of, we began dreaming up something new." And dream they did... the team at Anthropologie created a beautiful place for wedding magic to happen.

oh my heavenly goodness... what an experience.  everyone who works there is so NICE.  they showed me around, said i was welcome to take as many photos as my little heart desired... and on and on... the nicest!  if you are shopping for wedding attire, or just a fabulous frock for a fabulous party... this is the place.  i hope you get there.  

* these photos were taken with my great grandfathers polaroid camera using impossible film, and with my iphone, edited with the vsco app.