friday i'm in love

sometimes life feels like a storm.  that expression "when it rains it pours" rings true.  we have been up to our eyeballs in change these last weeks.  buying a new home, preparing our home of seven years for someone new, opening that house to strangers to walk through and criticize, dissect, analyze... and hopefully fall in love with.  we found such a couple, 3 months pregnant, as we were when we looked at our house seven years ago.  it's been busy and full.  all the while making sure the children are busy enjoying the bounty of the long hot summer days... and of course, capturing one frame at a time, the passing moments of my couples evolving lives.  

just the other day i opened my email, the first task every morning when i arrive at the studio, and there it was in the middle of the storm... a nugget, of golden made.  i share it with you... especially you who might be looking for a photographer at this very moment, someone to tell your story.  someone to embark on this journey with you, not just for your wedding day, but for the birth of your children and the birthdays they will celebrate, especially that very first birthday.  i am a photographer who not only takes photographs but also becomes an extension of your family.  i am part of the journey, there for each milestone.  

i leave you with a groom's persepective one year after the wedding day:

Rebecca I hope this e-mail finds you well and enjoying our hot sunny summer so far.

I wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you. It’s probably not often you receive an e-mail from a groom as most guys look at a wedding day as the “bride’s day” and we just sit back and do what we are told lol. I know that last year when Emily was putting together everything for the wedding the discussion on the photography was a big discussion, as a guy I was of the impression why can’t anyone just take the picture and save us the $ it was costing us. I will admit more than once I didn’t understand the cost concept and why it was such a big deal. Sorry for that in advance.

When I look back over the past year and have the opportunity to see the photos on our walls, in the books, etc, I can’t believe that you captured everything I imagined my beautiful wife to be, to see her facial expressions, her vision come to life, and most important my overall love for her.

I apologize for my initial thoughts on the cost of the photographs and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving both Emily and I a wedding to remember for the ages and the beginning of a life one couldn’t be happier about. You have done an amazing job and I look back a year ago as if it was just yesterday because of you and your phenomenal vision captured in photos.

If anyone ever tells you they are “concerned” with the cost of your photography tell them to contact me and I will let them know it was the cheapest part of the wedding when you consider what you do and what I get to look at daily because of you.

Thank you again. 


( wedding: jennifer & adrian )

a storybook love.  a canadian tale.  a woman with strength / courage / selfless wholehearted joy falls in love with a kind / gentle / equally strong / teacher of the game we all hold close to our hearts in this northern place we call home.  

i cry every single time i hear the national anthem. and if it happens to be sung in real life by someone on an ice rink before the puck drops... watch out. i am a crying mess.

hockey is iconic across the canadian landscape.  it's personal.  it is a game played by all of the men (and a couple women) in the wood family. and a game loved and played professionally by one of my very best girlfriends growing up.

jennifer is an incredibly accomplished hockey player.  i melted into the floor the day she came into the studio.  i admire her. and it turns out that not only is she INCREDIBLY accomplished (olympic gold x3 / world champion x5 / harvard graduate... ), she is one of the kindest and most loving people i've ever met.  she is tender and sweet. she is beautiful.  and her love for adrian is wholehearted.

land / spirit / power  


land:  touchstone resort on lake muskoka

spirit: michael coombs rocked the dance floor

beauty: melissa andre for the most beautiful natural you

design/decor: melissa andre uniquely memorable & undeniably beautiful

planning:  jo-anne young, touchstone resort full coordinating services

florals: seasons in the country lovely local sweet gorgeous flowers

sweets: sweet aroma local muskoka treats & cakes

stationary:  paper & poste for all things tactile / fun / beautiful



( moondance )

the heartfelt/joyous wedding of jennifer & adrian was celebrated in muskoka this spring.  friends and family came from all over the map to share in the sacred vows taken that beautiful may afternoon in the blazing sun on the dock.  one frame today... many more soon.  

adrian loves the moon.  he loves jennifer the most.